The League of Humane Voters and Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation have surveyed legislative candidates on their views of humane legislation. We had 95 responses from candidates in various districts.  The questionnaire asks each candidate whether they would support animal welfare bills covering important topics such as limits on dog tethering, inhumane agricultural practices, low cost spay and neuter and more.  You can find the results of the questionnaire on our LOHV website,  This is a great way to become informed on a candidates views before you vote.
A preview of our endorsement list, which will be posted on our website shortly.  The process for candidate endorsement for incumbent legislators, is a review of past voting records, overall support of humane legislation while in office and survey responses.  For new candidates we base our endorsement on survey response.  
Together the Humane Questionnaire and our endorsement list will inform you of animal friendly candidates.  We can’t pass humane laws without legislators that will support them.  Voting animal friendly candidates into office is the fundamental building block to passing animal protective legislation.  Please take the time to review the Humane Legislation Questionnaire and our endorsement list and vote with the power of knowledge!
P.S.  The first annual  Washington Week for the Animals is taking place this week (July 14th through July 22nd).  This event is put on by Animal World USA and designed to bring communities together on behalf of animals.  There is a still a few days left and an event calendar is posted on their website at  Please support this effort by attending some of the great events occurring this weekend.
Thank you all for supporting the animals of Washington State.  You can save thousands of animals with just one vote!
Mary Chmelik, Director of The League of Humane Voters, Washington State Chapter