Friday, August 21, 2015

Cop Responding To #DomesticViolence Call Shoots Dog

I find no fault with the Officer, as this story has been reported by the Miami Herald.

When I read this story I felt just, so sad.

It made me think that the animal that was shot, and being treated for non threatening injuries, was protecting the victim of #DomesticViolence.  In short, #TheLink -

Our furry companions are wired to protect us and when one of us is in harms way and then you introduce another person, a complete outsider - an officer, although well meaning.  Our companions don't know the difference and neither do the officers that respond to these calls.  Chaos often ensues.

At least this officer fired a non life threatening shot that allowed him to get to the woman in need.  Major #Kudos to this un-named Officer for his quick thinking!

See the story here.

How This Shelter Is Working To Reduce Animal Abuse. Are YOU In?

Follow through!

“When people report animal cruelty, we really need them to help us further by showing up in court and testifying as to what they saw,” Hudson said.
Hudson also urges people to contact their lawmakers to tell them to support groups that work to prevent animal cruelty and enforce current laws.

Read the full story here.