Friday, August 17, 2012

You Are In Danger of Being Killed

Lethality questions

In South Eastern Connecticut police who respond to domestic violence incidents will pose the following questions to domestic violence victims in cases that they think could turn deadly. Certain combinations of "Yes" answers will trigger a phone call to a counselor at the Women's Center of Southeastern Connecticut.

1. Has he/she ever used a weapon against you or threatened you with a weapon?
2. Has he/she ever threatened to kill you, your children or your pets?
3. Do you think he/she might try to kill you?
4. Does he/she have a gun or can he/she get one easily?
5. Has he/she ever tried to choke you?
6. Is he/she violently or constantly jealous or does he/she control most of your daily activities?
7. Have you left him/her or separated after living together or being married?
8. Is he/she unemployed?
9. Has he/she ever tried to kill himself/herself?
10. Do you have a child that he/she knows is not his/hers?
11. Does he/she follow you or spy on you or leave threatening messages?
Source: Maryland Lethality Assessment Program

Many police departments still are not using these lethality assessment questions.  This does NOT mean that you, or someone you know is at a lower risk of being killed.

If you or someone you know answers "yes" to any of these questions, contact a Domestic Violence Advocate immediately!

In the U.S.:  1.800.799.SAFE
In the U. K.: 0808 2000 247
In Australia:   1800 RESPECT

Click here for an International inventory of domestic violence services Countries A-Z




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